Friday, 17 February 2012

On Our Way to Rebuild Lives - Inspiring Stories 2: Sangita Thakare

The first installment of Global Giving report is ready. Those of you who are not aware of what Global Giving is, take a peek at our project here ( Your support will be welcome, through monetary means and through circulating this among your contacts. Today's story is about Sangita and several other women like her to whom we could reach out through the financial support of individual donors helping us directly or through Global Giving.

Before we get on with Sangita's story, we are glad to share an interesting piece of information with you. Our official website will soon be revamped with extensive help from our well-wishers. All of them have serious careers of their own, but feel the need to support organisations like ours that fall outside the conventional domain of their current professions. We consider them a part of our extended team, hence do not say it often, but heartfelt gratitude to all of them.

Coming back to what we have been doing in past few weeks. You could read a concise report at

We are also reproducing the report here on the blog.

Dear Partners!
Hullo! It is good to connect with you again. Well, things got moving since your support came in the month of December, 2011 at GlobalGiving.

It is Sangita who wants to thank you. The widow who seldom comes out of her village and who barely utters a word in meetings. She has been able to complete the paperwork and bypass corrupted channels to avail of Rs.10,000 (USD204). In all, USD 3,250 have been channelized directly to beneficiaries from the Government Scheme for widows.

Sangita Thakare, a young widow at 35 with 2 children, is barely able to make two ends meet. She had no knowledge and inkling of what to do & how to improve her life. A daily wage laborer. Educating her children is the prime concern on her mind. Today, with the knowledge and help received, she is already speaking of setting up a small trade and reach out for better opportunities in future.

This was possible for her, because of the help rendered by the Committee, which gave information, legal aid and advice on methodology to win her case. 9 such Cluster Committees each catering to an average of 25 villages, solely has women members which include deserted women/widows.

YOUR SUPPORT helps them travel to meetings, hire lawyers, hold regular camps on legal aid, consistently spread information, awareness, take up cases, fight with officials when necessary, campaign with Self-Help-Groups.

These Committees could also take up issues related to children of widows. Atleast 17 children of widows were helped in variety of ways. They got textbooks and uniforms which improved their attendance at school, got accommodation in government hostels and 2 children could avail of treatment for sickle cell disease as part of already existing government schemes. The Committee now wants to help Sangita and many like her, get loans for micro entrepreneurship. 74 deserted women/widows have already come forward with appeals to the Committees for help in starting small businesses.

Your small help has helped make meaningful change. Please keep on directing your circle of friends to project 9386 at Global Giving. Visit :

You can also put up a widget on your Facebook page, Twitter to spread the information. Your suggestions and feedbacks are welcome.

We will remain in touch with all the developments. Together, we will bring back the smiles on their faces.
Thanks from all of us here at Chetana-Vikas, Wardha in Central India.

Committee members discussing a widow's case

Legal aid & awareness camp on rights of widows

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