Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Hi everyone,
This is the official blog of Chetana-Vikas (http://www.chetanavikas.org/). To be honest, we believe in doing, and talking about our work makes us a bit uncomfortable. However, we realise the importance of reaching out to people like you for several reasons: the most important being there are many of us doing similar things, who share similar backgrounds, beliefs and thought processes, and connecting with each other will give us a sense of solidarity. The blog is mostly meant for you to get to know Chetana-Vikas, the whole team, and the work we have been doing for past 33 years. The posts will mostly comprise of case studies of people Chetana-Vikas has closely worked with, and titbits about the forthcoming programmes we have planned. If you are interested in getting involved with certain projects as volunteers or sponsors, you are welcome to write to us on chetana_wda@bsnl.in.Welcome to our world!

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